Hello! I'm Claire.

Welcome to The ELT Skills Academy.

After years of working for other people in various roles across the language travel industry I finally left my "real job" in 2018 wanting more time and financial freedom.

I slowly learnt how to make my own freelance teaching into a viable and sustainable business. Then, after being approached by other teachers who wanted to learn to do the same, I created this company.

Now I work with EFL Teachers from around the world who, just like you, are looking for ways to utilise their knowledge and skills whilst having greater control over their working hours, long term work prospects and earnings.

You can read more about The ELT Skills Academy and my background below.


I Love Being My Own Boss!

I choose who I teach, when I teach, how I teach and how much my time is worth. In reality this is a lot of work outside of the classroom, but it enables me to travel, take long mornings off and to live for more than just work. 

What would you do with more time and financial freedom?

Our Values

We believe that everyone can reach the mountain top they dream of and that most of us will need a little help to get there.

Learning is a lifelong process. No matter where you are now there will always be somewhere else to go in your learning journey.

We value people, their unique perspectives and their differences. We love helping our customers (and our students) to work towards their dreams, this is also why we love working in EFL. 

Our Goals


When we (well, Claire) started, her only goal was to turn her own teaching skills into a personal business, that would give her the time and financial freedom to work from anywhere in the world.

That quickly evolved into a goal of helping others to create the same kind of flexibility in their own lives.

Just think about how different the world would be if more people could find a way to fit work around the other parts of their lives; their friends, families, interests and passions. 

Pay it Forward & Giving Back


We always loved the idea of being rich enough to one day comfortably support others and give to charity consistently. It was one of the things we were picturing years into our future. 

However, when we began building The ELT Skills Academy we realised that we already had this power and did not need to wait. It may not be in the lump sum form we had imagined, but there are always other ways in which we give back. 

We run regular scholarships and volunteer our time on a weekly basis. 

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Our Founder

Our Founder and Managing Director, Claire Collis (CELTA, DELTA, PGCE) began working in the language travel industry at 18, as an Activity Leader in a summer school.  

Since then she has worked as an EFL Teacher, a Teacher Trainer (CLIL and Technology) and in Academic Management.  More recently her work has focused on technology; working as a Learning Technologist and in online course development. 

Currently Claire is working towards her MSc Digital Education at the University of Edinburgh and ACC (Associate Certified Coach) certification with the International Coach Federation.

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Our Story

The ELT Skills Academy was founded in 2018 under the name The ELT Ed Tech Academy. Originally we planned to provide technology training for teachers and schools, along with digital education creation services within the language travel industry.

At the time Claire was also teaching EFL (English as a Foreign Language) freelance through the business. To her surprise that freelance teaching became sustainable and profitable far quicker than the tech training side.

Later on, after being approached repeatedly by other EFL Teachers wanting advice on how to grow their own teaching businesses Claire made the decision to pivot the focus of the business and to rename the company. So, the company you see today was born; providing practical skills, business advice and support to EFL Teachers around the world.

Our Expertise

Our Founder and Managing Director, Claire Collis has learnt everything she advises, teaches and coaches on from doing it herself first. 

Building the business she faced a steep learning curve, coming from a teaching, rather than business background. She learnt about copy writing, social media management, marketing, sales funnels, sales calls, product launches, project management, business development, web development, branding, customer service and the tech tools that make everything else work.

Use our knowledge and experience to get your freelance teaching business off of the ground sooner.

Jeanne Welsh

Educational Therapist

"Claire helped me to work out what kind of English teacher I want to be. Without her support I wouldn't have been confident enough to set up my own English teaching business."

Now That You Know Us Better...

... and if you dream of building your own profitable teaching business, have a look at how we can help you get there quicker.

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