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What I loved about the IATEFL Annual Conference and why you should attend

The short answer is everything! If you want the long answer keep reading....

2019 was the first year I attended an in-person IATEFL (International Association of Teachs of English as a Foreign Language) event. I had attended a few of their excellent webinars over the years, but previous employers hadn't seen attending as a priority. Taking the time off and self-funding the trip made it a tad out of reach. 

In 2019 I had the time and the money, so I went. I'm not a big fan of meeting new people on mass and the thought of networking makes me cringe, but I had heard so many great things about IATEFL that I braved it. I traveled to Liverpool a day before the PCEs (Pre-Conference Events) started, as part of the Annual Conference. 

The PCE I attended was the Learning Technologies day. We played with AI, learnt about feedback and assessment in increasingly digital classrooms and indulged our geeky ed tech selves. I got so much out of talking to people with...

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