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Welcome and thanks for joining me here on The ELT Skills Academy blog.

I'm Claire and I want to introduce myself and the company to you. I started working in the English as a Foreign Language industry when I was 18. I've had many roles in that time including as an Activity Leader, Teacher, Teacher Trainer (CLIL and Technology), Learning Technologist and I also worked in Academic Management for a while. More recently I decided to branch out on my own, to give me the freedom and flexibility to travel more. I grew my freelance teaching and later created this company. In the video I tell you a little bit about why I created this company and what to expect from us here at The ELT Skills Academy.

Our company aim is to support EFL teachers around the world in building their careers and businesses. We do this because although we were lucky enough to have had mentors and support for our own professional development within the companies we worked for in the past, we know that not...

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