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BETT 2020: An EFL Perspective

For those of you who don't know the BETT Show at ExCel London is the world's leading education technology show. This was the 36th edition and in my opinion it gets better every year!

This year there were 850 companies, including over 100 start-ups exhibiting over 4 days. It is a great opportunity to see (and play with) the latest technology. There is also an excellent series of workshops, events, seminars and talks throughout the show. There is so much going on in fact that I have never managed to get to see everything I would like to fit in! 

I always enjoy the show and get a lot out of it, but how much of that relates to my work in English as a Foreign Language and not my Digital Education studies (and general nerdiness)?

Well, there is an argument to be made for the value of spending time with other educators and seeing what they are up to in general, but these were more tangibly EFL-related things I saw this year:

  • uTalk - this language learning app is great for beginners...
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