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Moving from Face-to-Face Teaching to Online Classes

Teaching online is fairly similar to teaching face-to-face (F2F) in many ways, in other ways it is very different. This means that some of what works well in your traditional F2F classroom will not be as successful in your new online lessons.

Although this is a common move for teachers to make nowadays, there are some things that you should consider when preparing for your first online classes. Some of the natural rhythms you base your teaching on in a physical classroom will be different. For example, I found the slight delay on some video calls really confused my teaching style at first. This showed up in my teaching as a lack of confidence. Prior to this I had not actively noticed how much of my teaching was based on reacting to my students. Once I realised this, I adjusted my teaching accordingly (pausing for longer than I would naturally to allow for the technology) and had some great feedback from students once again.

I had initially assumed it would be very similar to my...

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