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What do my £100/hour EFL lessons look like?

I posted a reply to a question in a Facebook group for teachers over a year ago. The question was about hourly teaching rates as freelancers. I answered honestly; mine now varies from £35/hour to £100/hour depending on what I am teaching and how many lessons the student books in one go. I was swamped with replies, DMs and friend requests. All of those people wanted to know how I charged that kind of top-end rate.

The answer is simple; I ask for that rate and I offer a service that matches that rate in terms of value for my customers.

Let me be really clear here, I only sell a few lessons at that top rate and many more at my lower rates. Most of my students book packages now and all of my packages work out at lower hourly rates. The idea is it is better value for the students to bulk book lessons. This also suits my business model as I get larger payments and certainty over student bookings and numbers in advance. I also actually only offer 45 minute lessons, so the...

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I want to teach online but the pay seems really low...


"I was so happy! I was offered an online teaching job! Then the pay rate turned out to be incredibly low. Well below minimum wage here!"

I hear this from EFL Teachers who are trying to transition to online teaching all the time! Unfortunately, it is true that many online employers offer far from ideal pay rates, but that doesn't mean you can't earn a rate that feels more "worth it" teaching online - you just need to approach getting your students in a different way.


Today, on a 1:1 strategy call, the teacher I was working with told me about the surprisingly low pay she had recently been offered for an online teaching job. I say surprisingly because this was one of the lowest rates I had come across yet - less than £4 per an hour once you took currency exchange and transfer fees into account.

This is a well-qualified, EFL Teacher with years of experience teaching in traditional classrooms, who wants to transition to online teaching so she can work from home and...

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