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How I started doing TEFL online - Guest Blog by William Black


William is the first of our guest bloggers. He is an online TEFL teacher based in South Africa. He began TEFL teaching 9 months ago, works online for several companies and will be sharing his story and his experience with us here.  This is the first in a series of articles from him, talking about his experiences in TEFL.


How I started doing TEFL online.


Some days I sit back and take stock of my life...


A year ago I was still the C.E.O. of a maintenance and construction company based in Johannesburg, South Africa. The traffic was starting to get to me as overcrowded cities have never been for me. I was longing for a way out of the mad rush, the wasted hours sitting in traffic jams, the endless noise of sirens and the frantic hustle and bustle of millions of people selfishly trying to make enough cash to move on to somewhere quieter.

Trying to keep a level head under all the pressure of endless clients, targets and deadlines I was starting to...

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