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What I loved about the IATEFL Annual Conference and why you should attend

The short answer is everything! If you want the long answer keep reading....

2019 was the first year I attended an in-person IATEFL (International Association of Teachs of English as a Foreign Language) event. I had attended a few of their excellent webinars over the years, but previous employers hadn't seen attending as a priority. Taking the time off and self-funding the trip made it a tad out of reach. 

In 2019 I had the time and the money, so I went. I'm not a big fan of meeting new people on mass and the thought of networking makes me cringe, but I had heard so many great things about IATEFL that I braved it. I traveled to Liverpool a day before the PCEs (Pre-Conference Events) started, as part of the Annual Conference. 

The PCE I attended was the Learning Technologies day. We played with AI, learnt about feedback and assessment in increasingly digital classrooms and indulged our geeky ed tech selves. I got so much out of talking to people with...

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Webinar review: Spontaneity: the elephant in the classroom

This is a review of an IATEFL Webinar called "Spontaneity: the elephant in the classroom", which was conducted by Adrian Underhill. It originally took places on Saturday 4th January 2020 and, as with other IATEFL webinars, the recording will be available to IATEFL members on their website


Let me begin, as Adrian Underhill did with praise for IATEFL. I only joined IATEFL in 2018 but can honestly say that I wish I had joined earlier in my teaching career. It is an incredibly professional organisation, a great way to meet other people in the industry. If you have not come across them before they provide a varied series of webinars throughout the year and have some excellent resources for members on their website. I also highly recommend their conferences. Adrian Underhill also mentioned that he was speaking on behalf of the creativity group which focus on creativity in teaching and learning: www.thecreativitygroup.weebly.com/


Having been...

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