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How to make sure you get paid as a freelance EFL Teacher

You've done all of the hard work; you've set up freelance, you've marketed and you have your own students now. Congratulations! But what happens if they don't pay you?

This is a fear with many freelancers, across many industries. The upside is that as a someone who works from themselves, you can choose your own terms of payment making it easier to avoid situations where you are out of pocket.


The safest way for you to set yourself up and to ensure some legal protection is to draw up a comprehensive contract.  I would recommend hiring a legal professional to do this and always ensure that it is signed by both parties (you and the student) before you start teaching.

Your contract should include details of the service being provided, the costs of that service and the payment terms. This makes it clear to your student what is expected of them. It also gives you something to fall back on if they later do not pay. 


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