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How I Wrote My First Book


Now, whilst this isn't strictly about teaching English, building a business that gave me the time and energy to follow my dreams was the whole point for me. I wanted freedom to travel, flexibility to fit other things into my life and I wanted to earn enough to live the kind of life I dreamed of living.

One of the very first things I promised myself when I left my 9 - 5 job was that I would make time for reading. I love reading but it often got sidelined when I was busy. In my final year at that job I read 7 books. In the first year after leaving it I read 56 books. Come join me on GoodReads if you are interested in what I read. Then, once my teaching business started growing I had the time and the means to start thinking about my dream of writing a novel.........



For as long as I can remember I've pictured it. The story I created taking on physical form, printed and sat on shelves waiting for a sale. The smell of the crisp new pages. A photograph I very much dislike of...

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