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The Biggest Mistake a Learner Can Make

This is a guest blog post from Alex Podtynny. Alex is a teacher and the author of the book; Boost Your Learning! If you are working on improving your own memory or interested in helping your students to develop their learning habits then I recommend that you have a read.


Hi! I'm Alex Podtynny, an ESL teacher, translator and writer. I really enjoy helping people to achieve their goals in learning. I have Master's degree in Education. After graduating from my university in 2012 I've been teaching English to adults as well as to children, mostly as a tutor. I've travelled quite a lot and now I live in Mariupol, Ukraine, with my beautiful wife, Lily.


The Biggest Mistake a Learner can Make

As I am a teacher, I often speak to people about learning. And I like to ask one question: "What do you consider the biggest mistake a learner can make?" My answer to this question is: a learner can lose motivation. In the context of studying nothing can be worse. If you get a bad mark,...

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